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Notice about cookies

Please carefully read the following information on the use of cookies on the website you are browsing.

What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information that the website inserts in your navigation device when you visit a page.

Having cookies installed on your PC brings the advantage of no longer needing to fill in the same information every time you want to access a previously visited site.

What are they for?

Technical cookies

Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of specific information on users who access a web page. These cookies, defined as technical, are often useful, because they can make browsing and using the web faster and faster.

Analytical cookies
This site uses analytical cookies, used by website managers to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site, and therefore develop general statistics on the service and its use.
Third-party cookies (social networks and external platforms) On this site, there are also "third-party cookies", used to provide additional services and features to visitors and to improve the use of the site itself (for example the buttons for social networks to share content, maps).

To find out the policies of the channels that may release third-party cookies:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Youtube
• Google+
• Linkedin
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Google Maps
• Vimeo
If you would like information about these and other third-party cookies and how to disable them, please visit the following addresses:
Enabling/disabling cookies via the browser

Cookies can be enabled or disabled by the user by changing the settings of the browser used. Each browser has different editing modes. To do so, select the settings or help of each browser you use.

Furthermore, to navigate without using cookies, it is possible to navigate anonymously: to do this, use the function on all the latest generation browsers. Furthermore, you should be aware that disabling cookies could affect the functionality of this website and many other sites that you will visit. Disabling cookies can also cause the interruption of some functions and features of the site.

If you use Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" then "Internet Options". On the Privacy tab, move the slider up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser

Go to the "Tools" menu of your browser and select the "Options" menu Click on the "Privacy" tab, uncheck the "Accept cookies" box and click OK.

If you use the Safari browser

In the Voting Browser, select the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences". Click on "Privacy". Place the setting "Block cookies" always "and click OK.

If you use the Google Chrome browser

Click on the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar. Select "Settings". Click "Show advanced settings". In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content Settings" button. In the "Cookies" section, select "Do not allow sites to store data" and check "Block cookies and third-party site data", and then click OK.

If you use any other browser, look in the browser settings for how to manage cookies.

In order to offer you the best online experience, new services that use cookies may be added to our Site from time to time. We aim to keep the information provided here as accurate as possible and use reasonable efforts to review and update the details: such updates and changes will be posted on this or other pages of our Site.

The methods for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies are available at the following address: 3118884

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