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Longobardo family has always been in contact with nature and its products, growing early products in the full respect of the natural process. As far back as 40ies, Longobardo family raised and harvested tomatoes, that were sold to the local food factories, establishing a small family run business, that with the passing of the time has become Nova Frutta srl.

Later in the 70ies, market’s demand and the development of new technologies has led Longobardo family and its leader “Cavaliere” Luigi Longobardo to extend their business activity, from the sole tomatoes cultivation to its preservation and sales. In few years products range was enlarged with the introduction of tomato paste, passata and legumes.

Today thanks to the effort and devotion of Longobardo Family and its staff, Nova Frutta srl. satisfies market’s demand and counts more than 50 countries among its importers: Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America